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Mothering Through Postpartum Depression

Aug 31, 2020

On todays episode I speak about the one thing I haven't yet come to terms with and that's my experience with childhood trauma. I speak about my two risk factors that made me a higher risk of developing a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder. 

Other risk factors cited from Postpartum Support International include:

  • A...

Aug 24, 2020

On today's episode I share my life with postpartum anxiety and ocd. I did not know I had ppa when I had Maddox 2.5 years ago, I truly just believed I was an overprotective mom and this was how I was meant to mother.

I share some very vulnerable stories with you that really demonstrate how severe my anxiety is.


Aug 17, 2020

In today's episode I talk very honestly about my symptoms experienced while pregnant which later led to my diagnosis of postpartum depression. I also speak about the hardships I encountered all while trying to find help.

Through this episode, I hope to raise more awareness surrounding maternal mental health. If you have...

Aug 10, 2020

On this episode of Mothering Through Postpartum Depression I share very vulnerable moments and events that led me to where I am today. 

Episode Notes

I am from Australia, I moved to America in July of 2012. I married my now ex husband and I share how life transpired. I became an American citizen in September of 2018.

Aug 3, 2020

On this first episode of Mothering Through Postpartum Depression I share a little background into my life as well as what to expect for future content.


Episode Notes

Who I am; Yasmin

I am originally from Australia, hence the accent. I will share my story as to why I landed in America in later episodes.

I will be...